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National Merit Scholarship for NJ requires a 222

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GRE vocab
59 GRE words. Make those index cards!
Watch my GRE vocab video on my YouTube page for card ideas.
GRE words just list 1.docx
Microsoft Word document [51.8 KB]

This is the only calculator you can use. The GRE will provide it on your screen.

Tanya Panossian-Lesser

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Tanya was wonderful with my son Anthony. She tutored him for the SATS. I felt she had firm handle on what he needed where he excelled and where he struggled. She is very patient and very professional. - Teresa, Park Ridge


So happy we found The Ridgewood Tutor. Tanya was willing to try many study strategies with my daughter before hitting on a program that worked well for her. Every week was different and it keep my daughter interested and enthusiastic. She was always available with help and answers to  questions, whenever my daughter needed her. Thanks to Tanya my daughter is confident in her ability and comfortable in approaching the upcoming SAT Test. -Tracy, Ridgewood


Tanya is the "teen whisperer"  - Kelly, Ridgewood



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