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My all-subject test prep programs are unique in the tutoring world.  I credit a college job and varied interests with the development of a Reading, Writing, Math and Science tutoring repertoire.  I've been tutoring for 25 years, and The Ridgewood Tutor LLC was created in 2012.


In college, I first pursued a major in math/science;  however, I missed the humanities and made the switch to history.  I also trained to teach and tutor the GRE and  SAT CR and M for the Princeton Review.


After earning an education degree and a teaching certification, I pursued a 10 year career teaching reading, interpretation and writing in social studies classes, including AP US History.  I continued to tutor math on the side. Here in Ridgewood, I’ve worked as a teacher’s aide in Chemistry, Geometry and Alg 2 classes.


My husband and I moved to Ridgewood (my hometown) with our two children and I started The Ridgewood Tutor in 2012. I took official SATs at local high schools and earned an 800 in CR, a 790 in Math, and an 800 in Writing over the two times I took the test in 2015.  


Strong scores don’t always necessarily translate into good teaching- that’s where those ten years of teaching have helped me develop the necessary planning skills.  I have organized lessons for the SATs, ACTs and GREs from wonderful resource material that I hand-picked after much trial and error.  I communicate weekly with parents to let them know what we are working on; I remind students when they forget to send me their practice test results.

Each student has strengths and weaknesses both academically and motivationally, and I aim to bring out the best in each one.



Educational/certification details: National Board Certified and state certified in social studies education by NJ and NY,  I also have a Masters Degree in Teaching from Teachers College, Columbia University.


Good to know: I give presentations featuring SAT and ACT tips several times during the year at the Ridgewood Library.  Check out the home page of this site for upcoming presentations, or follow my twitter feed (which also features general college prep retweets).


My own January 2015 score report = 2360

Tanya Panossian-Lesser

201-632-1261 (please leave a message)

Check out my interview on Erica Melltzer's Critical Reader site! 




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Tanya was wonderful with my son Anthony. She tutored him for the SATS. I felt she had firm handle on what he needed where he excelled and where he struggled. She is very patient and very professional. - Teresa, Park Ridge


So happy we found The Ridgewood Tutor. Tanya was willing to try many study strategies with my daughter before hitting on a program that worked well for her. Every week was different and it keep my daughter interested and enthusiastic. She was always available with help and answers to  questions, whenever my daughter needed her. Thanks to Tanya my daughter is confident in her ability and comfortable in approaching the upcoming SAT Test. -Tracy, Ridgewood


Tanya is the "teen whisperer"  - Kelly, Ridgewood



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