The Ridgewood Tutor: All-sections SAT/ACT/GRE prep
The Ridgewood Tutor:All-sections SAT/ACT/GRE prep 

Questions about Tutoring

Does my child need a tutor?

The SAT, ACT and GRE are three and a half hour long (the GRE a bit longer) exams that include math, reading comprehension, and writing.  Students must make use of both outside knowledge and test strategies. These tests are challenging in their length and scope of material.  When a student completes my prep program, they will be better prepared for the "big day", and will have grown into a more analytical reader, writer and math student with a college-level vocabulary.

The public school English curriculum does not cover enough grammar for the writing section of neither the SAT nor the ACT.  Some kind of supplemental help is necessary for most students.



Is there a minimum of Test Prep sessions I must contract for? How long should my son/daughter prep.

The following is a list of test prep sessions throughout the year.

Session #

1) start prep MID-JUNE for the SEPT TEST

2) start prep MID-AUGUST for the OCT TEST      

3) start prep  MID-SEPTEMBER for the DEC TEST

4) start prep MID-NOVEMBER for the FEB TEST

5) start prep MID-JANUARY for the APRIL TEST

6) start prep MID-MARCH for the JUNE/JULY/AUG TESTS



Is it only one-on-one tutoring?

There is the option of tutoring two or three students, who have similar needs, at the same time at a reduced rate.


Where do you meet the students?

We meet at the Ridgewood library on the first floor (between the circulation desk and the windows).  


How about online tutoring?

Yes, I tutor via Skype with an HD camera.  The student does not need any special technology besides a computer with a camera and good internet access.  I use the same lessons as in-person tutoring; I make use of "screen share" to effectively create an environment in which the student sees what I'm seeing.  

And this is a great way to tutor students who are across the country or beyond.  Students for whom English is not their first language find my speaking style easy to understand; I speak with a formal, North-east American accent.


What are your fees?

The fees vary based on whether the prep is for the GREs versus the ACT/SATs.  Also there is a 45 minute versus 60 minute option for more advanced students.  Finally two compatible students could meet at a 2:1 rate rather than 1:1 rate.


Do you have references?

  Yes, they are available upon request.  You can also read a few reviews online.  The links are on my home page. 



Tanya Panossian-Lesser


-to GA for your 23 point increase on the GREs!

-to JW for your 11 point increase on the GREs!

-to PM for your acceptance into Notre Dame!

- to IF for your acceptance into Boston College!

-to RC for your acceptance into Lehigh!

- to CC for your acceptance into  Villanova!

-to SE for your acceptance to the Rutgers College of Engineering!



Tanya was wonderful with my son Anthony. She tutored him for the SATS. I felt she had firm handle on what he needed where he excelled and where he struggled. She is very patient and very professional. - Teresa, Park Ridge


So happy we found The Ridgewood Tutor. Tanya was willing to try many study strategies with my daughter before hitting on a program that worked well for her. Every week was different and it keep my daughter interested and enthusiastic. She was always available with help and answers to  questions, whenever my daughter needed her. Thanks to Tanya my daughter is confident in her ability and comfortable in approaching the upcoming SAT Test. -Tracy, Ridgewood


Tanya is the "teen whisperer"  - Kelly, Ridgewood



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