The Ridgewood Tutor: All-sections SAT/ACT/GRE prep
The Ridgewood Tutor:All-sections SAT/ACT/GRE prep 

Tanya Panossian-Lesser


I am a National Board Certified Teacher and experienced tutor who provides homework help and full SAT/ACT/GRE preparation for the Bergen County area and online.  References are available- just ask!



Tanya was wonderful with my son Anthony. She tutored him for the SATS. I felt she had firm handle on what he needed where he excelled and where he struggled. She is very patient and very professional. - Teresa, Park Ridge


So happy we found The Ridgewood Tutor. Tanya was willing to try many study strategies with my daughter before hitting on a program that worked well for her. Every week was different and it keep my daughter interested and enthusiastic. She was always available with help and answers to  questions, whenever my daughter needed her. Thanks to Tanya my daughter is confident in her ability and comfortable in approaching the upcoming SAT Test. -Tracy, Ridgewood

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Questions about Tutoring

Does my child need a tutor?

The SAT and ACT are three and a half hour long exams that include math, reading comprehension, and writing.  Vocabulary is also part of the SAT prep curriculum and science is part of the ACT curriculum. These tests are challenging in their length and scope of material.  When a student completes my prep program, they will be better prepared for the "big day", and will have grown into a more analytical reader, writer and math student with a college-level vocabulary.

The public school English curriculum does not cover enough grammar for the writing section of neither the SAT nor the ACT.  Some kind of supplemental help, whether it's a tutor, or just buying Erica Meltzer's grammar books, is necessary for most students.



Is there a minimum of Test Prep sessions I must contract for? How long should my son/daughter prep.

There are no "musts" in terms of a contracted time.  I would recommend at least three months of practice as a minimum prep period.  This allows for lessons, drills, and two practice tests.  

Ideally, after a consultation and a diagnostic test, we would agree on the number of sessions that would allow the time and work it will take to reach the desired score.  


Is it only one-on-one tutoring?

There is the option of tutoring two or three students, who have similar needs, at the same time at a reduced rate.


Where do you meet the students?

We meet at the Ridgewood library on the first floor (between the circulation desk and the windows).  


How about online tutoring?

Yes, I tutor via Google Hangouts and Skype with an HD camera.  The student does not need any special technology besides a computer with a camera and good internet access.  I use the same lessons as in-person tutoring.  I use my office and can  meet as late as 9pm.  

And this is a great way to tutor students who are across the country or beyond.  Students for whom English is not their first language find my speaking style easy to understand; I, myself, have many family members from different cultures and I know how to speak with a formal (and North-east) dialect.


Do you have references?

  Yes, they are available upon request.  You can also read a few reviews online.  The links are on my home page. 



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